Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Adventures in my bathroom

This is an adventure in my bathroom where I got locked up and my 3 and quarter hour ordeal come out of it.
It so happened that I entered the bathroom to take bath at 8:30am. After some time I heard my phone ringing. I tried to open the bathroom door and something snaps in the lock mechanism, and the lock does not release to open the door.
Ok...I thought...let me finish my bath and look into it. After finishing my bath, tired once more to open it, but no avail. Tried not to panic, as, coincidentally none of my building neighbors were present. I started thinking on what to do, there were no tools in the bathroom to break the lock. This lock is that one which we twist the spring loaded handle to release the engaging latch in the door. Looked pretty tough too. It had three screws on the bathroom side, but no screw driver.
I eyed a metal grate in the corner of the floor which covers the water outlet. This was bit loose and I could dislodge it without much ado. This had a sharp edge around the circumference. Using this as an improvised screw driver, I tired removing the screws. after 20 minutes of trying only one screw was removed. By then the condition of the grate was too much disfigured and was un-usable as a screwdriver.
Again searched all over the tiny bathroom for something that looks remotely like a tool, no avail. Tried to remove the other two screws with help of one of the removed screw. Looked promising. Using the head of one screw as a screwdriver and after 30 minutes of painful effort. the second screw also came off. Now it was only a matter of time I rotate the plate which was hinging one screw, which covered the lock and unlock the door. But the handle was in the way, so couldn’t rotate the plate. In desperation tried to twist the handle with all my strength. CRAAACK!! the handle broke off.
Little bit of panic was creeping in. But, seeing the positive side of it, the covering plate can be rotated. Imagine my frustration, when I saw that this plate is only a covering, with the door behind this plate!! And I expected the lock mechanism, the lock mechanism is on the other side of the door, info, quite useless to me now. I sat down, trying to think of the way out. The only way I can see that was to chip of the wood covering the lock. Hopefully I get to the mechanism now.
But I needed tools, voila!! the plate which I peeled away, when placed in a particular angle can be used as a chisel. For hammer, I used the broken handle. Without bending the plate, slowly chipping away the wood for an hour I was able to reach the lock mechanism. One more hurdle, this lock mechanism had square hole which had to turned to release the latch. There was nothing of any thing remotely resembling a shaft which can fit into the slot. Sat on the floor thinking......There was an unused calling bell in the bathroom. Broke it open, found two ruler like aluminum parts of around 6 inches. I hammered the front of the aluminum ruler into conical shape such that it fits into the square slot in the lock mechanism. Yippeee. the mechanism turned and released the latch.
My next problem was, I had to turn the mechanism and open the door towards myself. Which was more difficult than I thought. I had push aluminum ruler into the door hard, rotate it at the same time and pull the door towards myself!! This door does not have a handle. After some trial and error, was finally got this too right. And the door opened.....YAHOOOO!!! Out at 11:45am
Lessons learnt

One: Stitch in time saves nine. I should have fixed the lock when I was aware there was something wrong with it.
Two: There is always a solution and a way out.
Three: Do not panic. Evaluate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey bulbul
Quite an experience that must have been for you... all your mechanical engineering skills came of use there!!
Cant even imagine what I would have done in such a situation


Wed Aug 02, 11:23:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Shrilatha Puthi said...

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Wed Aug 02, 11:24:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Shrilatha Puthi said...

yes, there is always a way out. but the thing is U need to find that way... :-)

Wed Aug 02, 11:25:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Praveen said...

LOL now who need to go all the way to himalayas for some adventure and accomplishment when u can get em right at home in the bath room. LOL

But as silly as it looks, that’s a real situation. 3+ hours !!! that must be frustrating. K but wasn’t ur wife at home? That was very recourse full of u in using the make shift tools

Guess ur boss would have said “THAT’S THE LAMEST EXCUSE I HAVE HEARD FOR COMING LATE !!!” :D lol

Wed Aug 02, 12:17:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Vel said...

Hello Where is ur Wife that time... Sleeping so strong??? or shopping for those three hours that too in the Morning ha ha ha???

Any way thanx for Lessons...

I can understand U love Adventures But i dint think U will be so crazy adventuring even in Bathroom...

Sun Aug 13, 07:45:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Vel said...

Long time since u have posted one Good recent Photo of some good shot...

Sun Aug 13, 07:47:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Shiva Here,

Nice One yaar. Keep posting us such things? How to get out from the lift incase stuck with some gays, girls are Ok.

Thu Aug 31, 03:22:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Ashish said...

thanks buddy and dude ! this is awesome .. some experience :) well done !

Mon Feb 05, 08:55:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Nilesh Sitpara said...

You need to have a phone in your bathroom too!

awesome man.....u are the top writer from our NTTF community.

Tue May 29, 11:26:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Meghala said...

I would never have gotten out if that bathroom without making a scene. Quick thinking and wise use of makeshift tools Prabul. Good job

Fri Feb 22, 09:33:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous yugendra said...

Lesson 4: Shout for help
Lesson 5: tool box in a bathroom never lets u down

Mon Sep 15, 11:39:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Blogger shashank soghal said...

I am stranger to you.. But aaccidentally read your blog.. Good one.. LESSONS LEARNT: There is no point in locking the bathroom when you are alon

Tue Sep 20, 06:03:00 PM GMT+5:30  

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